NOTE: Before calling me, please read ETIQUETTE below. Any mention of money for a sex act will result in termination of your call. I DON'T DO SEX FOR MONEY. My donation is $200 for the first hour and $100 for any additional hours. $1,000 for overnight. You can leave the donation in an envelope in the bathroom with CARL on it.


I enjoy meeting with guys, gals and couples. I'm available and will meet you at your location.  I can also refer a female companion, such as Mary or Joay. Call me at 702-325-4935 to set up a meeting. I've made over 650 XXX videos which are available worldwide on XXX cable, satellite and in Adult Book Stores. I'm 5'8, 145, and 69. Why lie about my age? As for other statistics, check out my pictures in my videos below.  Write Me at Call me at 702-325-4935.


When you call or write me, please don't ask specifics such as "Do I do protected or unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex?" As adults, we can do whatever we want. This could mean going out to dinner, to a show, or preferring to stay in your room and occupy ourselves there.

What I can tell you is what I do in my videos.  I always use condoms for vaginal or anal sex, but never for oral sex. I love the taste of a man's cum, and love to drain him completely. Remember that this is what I enjoy doing in videos; NOT AS AN ESCORT. Understood?

Please be discreet when we meet or on the telephone.  In your company in public, or on the phone, I will always be discreet.

Now let's talk about what to do to make our Encounter the best that it can be:

1. Call me at 702-325-4935 and let me know how long and when and where you want me to meet you to set up our meeting. Don't say anything to me about money or a donation. Don't ask me if I do massage. Then, call me once you arrive and are settled in your room to confirm the date. If possible, give me your cell phone number, or name and/or room number. Most hotels will not put a call through to your room without a first and last name. If you'd prefer not to give me information, we can meet somewhere other than your room.

2. Please be showered and ready when I arrive. Meet me at the door undressed, or wearing a towel or robe.

3. Do not attempt to hand me money or an envelope when we meet. If you do, I will leave. I don't do sex for money. However, as Adults, we can do whatever we wish.

4. Please have all of your personal belongings such as wallet, cash, casino chips, watch, rings, etc., put in your room safe or out of sight. This way, if you've lost more gambling than you thought you did, or misplaced an item, you won't think that I took it. This protects both you and me. I'm honest and have a reputation to protect. If you leave items out, I'll ask you to put them away.

5. Expect me to remain the entire time that we agreed upon, but not to stay longer.  Be courteous and let me leave gracefully once our meeting is over.





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