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When you call or write me, please don't ask specifics such as "Do I do protected or unprotected oral or vaginal sex?" The only answer I can give is that you're paying for my time... NOT a specific sex act.  As adults, we can do whatever we want once we're alone. This could mean going out to dinner, to a show, or preferring to stay in your room.  I DO NOT DO SEX FOR MONEY.

What I can tell you is what I have done in some of my videos. I always use condoms for vaginal sex, but never for oral sex. I enjoy the taste of a man's cum, and love to drain him completely. That's why I'm called Mary Oral in my XXX videos. I don't enjoy anal sex and don't do it. Remember that this is what I enjoyed doing when I was shooting XXX videos, not as an Escort. Understood?

Please be discreet when we meet or on the telephone.  In your company in public, or on the phone, I will always be discreet. I will dress appropriately such that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with me. Remember that I can always change into something special when I'm in your room.

Now let's talk about what to do to make our Encounter the best that it can be:

1. Call me at 702-228-1589 once you arrive and are settled in your room, so I know that the date is still a "GO." If possible, give me your cell phone number and/or room number. Confirm the time to meet and where to meet.

2. Please be showered and ready when I arrive. The quicker you are comfortable or get comfortable, the faster I'll get comfortable.

3. Have an envelope with your donation on the bathroom counter for me. It should be OUT OF SIGHT when I walk into your room. Do NOT offer me cash or say anything about money, donation or envelope when we meet.

4. Please have all of your personal belongings such as wallet, cash, casino chips, watch, rings, etc., put in your room safe or out of sight. This way, if you've lost more gambling than you thought you did, or misplaced an item, you won't think that I took it. This protects both you and me. I'm honest and have a reputation to protect. If you leave items out, I'll ask you to put them away.

5. Expect me to remain the entire time that we agreed upon, but not to stay longer.  Be courteous and let me leave gracefully once our date is over.

6. If you're a TER date, PLEASE write a review for me. Favorable reviews are ALWAYS appreciated. If you send me the review before you post it, and then it gets posted, I can promise you a significant reduction when you visit me again.