NSA Spa Sex

54:00 Minutes

Part 1:  Jake T meets a guy in a private room at the spa, and they both are hot to have sex. They kiss, suck nipples and rim, before sucking each other’s cocks and starting fucking. Thomas Mars jacks off and cums in his mouth. Part 2:  Jake T is still horny and meets another guy. The kiss, rim and suck each other before they start fucking, and engaging in some ATM. . Lots of spitting and kissing. Jason pulls out of Jake’s ass, squirts some cum on it, and then finishes pumping the rest into Jake’s ass. This DVD can be ordered for $15. To order this and other videos, mail in your completed Order Form. You can contact Carl by calling 702-325-4935. You can write Carl personally at carlbig7plus@aol.com

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