My Nurse Made Me Cum
33:18 Minutes

Carl took something so he could get a hardon to fuck a sweet young thing. But, once she left, he still had a hardon. After almost 4 hours, he still had the hardon. He called his Doctor’s Office and they send out Nurse Massie to help him get rid of his erection. If she can’t, he has to go to the hospital and have them stick a big needle into his cock to suck out the blood, so the hardon will go away. Nurse Massie tried jacking him off, sucking his cock, letting his eat her out, and fucking her. Finally, after a lot of serious fucking, Carl is able to jack off into her mouth. She shares the cum with him. His hardon is still there. She tries one more time and with a lot of suction, gets more cum out of his cock, and his erection goes away.