Danger! Don’t Pull Tab  38:07 Minutes

Carl meets Misss Kittty at a Strip club in Las Vegas, and persuades her to go home with him after her shift. They waste little time getting their clothes off and hop into bed together. Misss Kittty earlier told Carl that she had a surprise for him. She lifts her skirt and shows him a pull tab attached to a string that enters her ass. She and Carl start playing together, eating and sucking on each other, and then Carl starts fucking her pussy. After some heavy duty pounding, she asks Carl to remove the pull tab from her ass. Misss Kittty had already cum numerous times, but, once she has Carl’s thick cock in her ass, she starts going crazy with orgasms. It’s almost impossible for Carl to remain on her, since she is going wild having orgasms. Both are almost worn out from the hot sex. Carl jacks off and cum on her open asshole, licks up his cum and swallows it. Carl learned that you have to be in great shape if you pull the tab. She will wear you out!