Massie’s Cream Pie Finale       36:17 Minutes

Massie shows up on Carl’s doorstep explaining that her father had thrown her out for dressing like a slut. Since her father and Carl knew each other, she figured he might put her up for the night. She shows up in a very short blue jean skirt, thigh high white hose and garter belt and Bright red heels with a 6 inch lift. He asks her in and they go to his den. He says that she has nice looking legs and puts his hand on her thigh. She open her crossed legs and shows him her panties. Carl says he would love to eat out her pussy. She sucks on Carl’s cock and he eats out her pussy. They go to the bed and fuck like rabbits. He eats out her asshole and they 69. After a great sex bout, carl cums in her pussy and she straddles his face. Cum gushes out of her well fucked pussy into his mouth so he can eat some hot Cream Pie.