Dr. Carl’s Tasty Treat      37:42 Minutes

Massie visits Dr. Carl because of some lower stomach cramps. He tells her that her appendix needs to removed and the sooner the better. It will cost $2,500 (quite a deal). He tells her that he knows she can’t afford it and he will try and find a way to have it paid for via a government program so that it will cost her nothing. She says I’d like to thank you in a special way for doing this for me. He says, you don’t have to do anything. She insists, lifts her skirt, and shows Carl her shaved pussy. He tells her she doesn’t have to do anything, but, she is persistent. He has her meet him at his home, later that evening. Suffice it say that they both savored the taste of each other. She sucked Carl’s cock, he licked her pussy and asshole repeatedly. They fucked each other. She rode him and allowed him in her tight asshole. After a fun session, he has her kneel on the bed. He licks her asshole and jacks off onto it. Then he eats his own cum.