Sister Nookie Gets Laid    36:14 Minutes

Massie is a nun with a problem. She’s committed many acts of sex and needs to confess it and have her sins removed. She tells the Priest, Carl, that when she finishes her day as a Nun, she changes clothes and goes to a Topless Strip bar and makes dates with patrons for cash. She tells the Priest about this. He looks her over. Nice legs, hose, etc. He asks her to lift her robes. She’s wearing split crotch panties. She poses in front of the Priest. He gets on his knees and starts eating her pussy. Things start happening fast after that. She sucks his cock, they 69 and fuck in a variety of positions. Carl cums in her pussy and has her stand up over his face so he can eat the drippy cream pie that cums from her wet pussy.