The Poker Debt    34:01 Minutes

Background: Carl played in a Poker game with four others, and in the last hand won the bets.  One guy used a Marker for his bet. When Carl tried to collect, the guy said he couldn’t pay what he owed. Instead, he pulled out a picture of his wife and said that Carl could fuck his wife, since he knew that she had the Hots for him. Having seen the picture of his wife, Carl agrees and heads over to his wife, Amanda.  Current Time: Carl arrives and Amanda is already in a Nightgown, awaiting him. Amanda says her husband has done this in the past. Carl eats her pussy and licks her asshole, and she sucks his cock. Then they do a 69 and some serious fucking. Amanda cums twice and definitely enjoys herself. Carl jacks off onto her pussy and asshole and licks up his cum.