Carls Puppy gets Him Laid  33:52 Minutes

Connie finds a puppy wandering her street and picks it up. She reads the dog tag and realizes the address of the owner is just down the street. She rings the doorbell and tells Carl she found his lost puppy. Carl checks her out: Blonde, short school girl dress and open, revealing top. He invites her in. Connie doesn’t waste much time. They talk and he realizes she has swinging parties at her house, and that’s why she is dressed  that way. She lifts her skirt, opens her legs and invites Carl to try her out. In no time, he is eating her pussy and she is sucking his cock. She rides him on a chair and then they go to the bedroom. Carl and Connie 69 and fuck in every position they can think of. Then, after licking her asshole, he slides into it and fucks her ass. He finally jacks off onto her asshole and licks it up.