Arrested And Confined  37:56 Minutes

Carl handcuffs Massie telling her there has been a robbery in the area and she meets the profile. He tells her if he takes her to the Station, she will be in jail for 30 days, until the Circuit Judge returns. Or, she can go with him to his house and she can try and convince him not to arrest her. When they get to his house, he shows her a torture device and tells her if she doesn’t cooperate, he will put her on the body stretcher. He tells her to strip and put on some hose. He eats her pussy and has her suck on his cock. Then he takes her outside and puts her on the Stretcher device. After a few moments she begs him to stop. She will do whatever he wants. Carl fucks her hard and both of them cum. He gets underneath her and eats cream pie. Then, instead of releasing her he handcuffs her and tells her he is going to take her to his basement and hook her up to a pipe on the wall with several other girls….. Sounds scary.